A Little Bit of History

NBS Sports & Leisure Ltd started in 1984, bringing market leading Rugby training products to the world. The Original NBS Rugby Tag Belt was first designed in the early 1990’s, being produced alongside our famous Tackle Bags and Hit Shields.

During the 90’s we brought the Original NBS Tag Belt into the mainstream market in earnest, in response to an increase in demand for responsible, safe and enjoyable rugby training in clubs and schools across the UK. Since then, NBS has provided thousands of Tag Belts to hundreds of coaches and clubs, not just in the British Isles, but across the globe!

We export our Original NBS Tag Belts around the world

We are growing our business year on year, with more clubs and schools opting to use the superior, long lasting Original NBS Tag Belt design. Our original customers continue to order new belts to this day, and we are proud to remain their supplier.

Here at Ormskirk RUFC we have taught thousands of children to play the game,
organised in excess of 70 district tag rugby tournaments and
officiated over hundreds and hundreds of tag rugby matches.

 In that time we’ve tested equipment from many companies and there is
no question that NBS gear is significantly better than the rest.

The belts are virtually indestructible, the vinyl tags … with double
stitched hook and loop patches… 
never tear, become brittle  or crease
like other tags.

 At our tournaments this year some of the tag belts will be older than
the junior school children who use them for training!

You might find cheaper, and I’ve been coaching tag rugby in schools for 20 years. 
but you will never find better than NBS tag belts.

– Sam Botfield, Ormskirk RUFC, UK