The Original Tag Belt

NBS Rugby (est. 1984) are proudly The Original NBS Tag Belts for rugby training.

Tag belts help reduce injury during rugby sessions and competitive matches alike. NBS Tag Belts allow complete freedom of movement and are wider for extra comfort, increasing player confidence and training performance.

Tag belts are used in place of physical tackles and other contact elements of the game – ultimately it opens the door to those who would otherwise be concerned about the usually more physical aspects of one of the worlds greatest team sports.

“… we’ve tested equipment from many companies and there is no question that NBS gear is significantly better than the rest. 
The belts are virtually indestructible, the plastic tags … with double stitched velcro patches … never tear or become brittle and creased like other tags.”

– Sam Botfield, Ormskirk RUFC, UK

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